Jandy iAqualink Pool Integration

Hey @jbronikowski, nice dashboard! What are you using to pipe iAqualink metrics into Grafana?


Sorry if this is a rookie question but how do did you get the exo branch into your installation?


@Kanishkaz, could you please explain exactly how you got the successful nodered flow into HA? I have HA installed on rspi, nodered installed as an add on. I managed to import the flow into nodered add on but that’s as far as my skills have taken me.

Anyone done anything for pump speed, One Touches, and LED color selection? The Universal Devices PG3x Node has LED color selection and One Touches so I could be done on the integration.

@flauran what would it take $$ to get an update to the integration code?

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I write from nodered to influxdb then from influxdb to HA. But now I am directly using the modified jandy plugin of HA.

I found an issue when adding color lights to scenes through the GUI.

Even though the device control in the scene provides a button to select the desired effect, in the config, the effect parameter is set to

effect: ‘1’

which is not a valid value and causes the scene to fail. When I manually update the config to a valid value, everything works as expected.

effect: ‘Cobalt Blue’

Unfortunately, anytime you make any change to the scene through the GUI, it reverts back to

effect: ‘1’

and forces you to manually update the config with a valid value again.

New to HA and love all the work the community has done. Happy to provide more information if needed.

can you post your config I cant get the lights to do anything. I’ve change the effect

Could you explain how you used the modified jandy plugin please?
Thank you!