Jemena Outlook Energy Sensor

I have created a sensor to monitor my energy usage from the Jemena Outlook Electricity website.

This is a electricity distributor here in Melbourne, Australia.

You can find the sensor at

Based on an older version of the hydro-quebec component and gives variables based on previous days usage.

Let me know if you find it useful. there is a lot more data availble to be retrieved and will extended it in the future if time permits.

Still needs some work buts gives all the basics well.


This is great, I never even knew this Jemena service existed.

Adding the custom component now, thanks for this!

Wow. Being a noob and using I would love this to be an add-on, especially if they ever introduce on-demand pricing.


hassio supports custom components

Hi Guys,

I did actually add to this, but never updated the post here, so does pull out a lot of extra data like monthly, weekly, daily type information.

If you visit the github link you’ll see how many things can be linked, and there is still more that can be added, will get around to doing a custom html component as well, but haven’t got that far yet.

@scottcurrie This is an add-on its just a custom one which I only learnt about how to setup after i created this as well, originally i just placed it in the same directory as every other sensor, and it worked when dumped there as well.

If the hass team want to add it to the mix I’m more than happy for them to do it, i would imagine there would be a limited user base, however, seeing Jemena is limited to the northern and north western surrounds of Melbourne Australia only for electricity distribution.

Sample of some of the things i look at, with solar I find the information helpful for seeing if i was a consumer or generator or electricity and also the month to month comparison, (this month has been a bad month for solar in Melbourne).

This looks amazing, I’m trying this tonight.
Cheers mate.

Thanks for this

I am running home assistant in ubuntu and get an error “Error loading custom_components.sensor.jemenaoutlook. Make sure all dependencies are installed”

Any idea on how to fix this?

This works great - thanks mvandersteen!

Hi mvandersteen,
Just saw this in my Home Assistant Log:
“Integrations need to be in their own folder. Change sensor/ to jemenaoutlook/ This will stop working soon.”

So did you do that?

Not yet. I’ll read up on it when I get the chance.

Finally did it. All working as normal.

Hi @sergioS,

Apologies not seen this till now and no hadn’t made the change as yet, but thanks for heads up will make a change to the install notes.


This is all resolved now thanks to @peregrinus on github, code merged and running fine again.

I expect this would work with United Energy’s ‘Energy Easy’ The landing page looks virtually identical.

This works well:

I checked the other 3 Victorian distributors and EnergyEasy (United Energy) and Electricity Outlook (Jemena) are the only ones that look to leverage the same client portal software.

Note with the fork by mlevit for Energy Easy, when using more recent versions of HomeAssistant you will need to include the extra files to support custom components.


My energy provider is Powercor. Any idea if the code can be modified to accomodate this distributor?

can you please make a video on how to do this .

I want to do it but I am failing is there any chance you can make a video