JQ-200/300 Air quality sensor platform integration

I’m thinking of buying a JQ-200 air quality sensor: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/JQ-200-Intelligent-WIFI-Home-Smog-Meter-CO2-HCHO-TVOC-Air-Quality-Analysis-Tester-Detector-Sensor/32973218276.html?

I don’t see any integrations yet for it, does anyone have experience with this thing? Seems relatively cheap at 13 euros, especially when a CO2 sensor for a DIY project costs 16 euros.


This is great I hope so

any news that it canbe/is integrated?

Also interested in.

I have bought a JQ-300 and I am also interested.

Any news?

If you buy me a JQ-300 as a gift, I can try to write integration. :blush:
Experience available:

see this:

If you really feel up to it, sure. This would be very helpful for me and I bet for many others too.

I can not guarantee the 100% result, but there is some experience in the back-engineering of device management. In particular, I made a custom component for the Beward intercom, which communicates with the device exactly as the official program does. Due to which, all messages from the device come to the Home Assistant almost instantly. For intercoms this is an extremely important factor.

Someone already made some progress on JQ-300, so that could help.

Get back to me once limitations in your country calm down and we can figure out how to get you a device.

There is no problem to get device to Russia via AliExpress. As example (free shipping and cheapest price for now): https://a.aliexpress.ru/_eLiZd4

Okey, we will discuss how to deliver it to you in DM.

Thanks to Tomaae’s financial support, I’ve got a device for measuring harmful substances in the air: JQ-300.

And now — a few days later — the beta version of the component for the Home Assistant smart home system is ready to integrate this device (as well as its younger brothers: JQ-200 and JQ-100).


Oh man, you rock! I just became a Patreon supporter as well. Keep up the good work. I will now install HACS and try to setup your intergration.

Thanks for your support. It is very important to me. Especially in this difficult time for the whole world, when many are forced to sit home, they lose their jobs. Even to me now have to literally count every penny. In such a situation, any amount is an extra opportunity for me not to worry about my future and to continue to be useful to you all.

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BTW… :wink:


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