Juntek KG-F Series on HA

Hi all,

I am looking to get a shunt KG140F to monitor my battery voltage, current, and SOC. It supports modbus over rs485. The problem is the manufacturer’s implementation of modbus. They have provided the documentation but i don’t know how to get HA to read register 50 which contains voltage, current, and SOC.

Someone has writen a code (not pyton) but i dont know how to convert to something HA can read.

Processing: juntek modbus.txt…

Any help appreciated.

Manufacturer’s manual

Someone code


Hi, I’m also interested in the integration of this component, I have no idea of ​​programming, I can’t help much, do you have any progress?
I also have a pzem through esphome and this works well since esphome has it integrated.

I don’t have a solution yet. I have also ordered a PZEM-017 which I intend to use with elfin ew11.

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hi, i have an elfin ew11, do you have any progress with the junctek or pzem?