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I have a tablet installed at home with a specific user who acts as a dashboard.

I have it with Fully Kiosk Browser and with the HACS kiosk mode addon:

everything was working perfectly until a couple of days ago when maykar canceled the addon project and now it doesn’t work properly for me. It asks me for an update through HACS and it doesn’t work.

Is there a way to do the same as before from HA itself or with an addon?
I want to hide all the menus, the search menus, the sidebar, everything! that only the dashboard with its different sections appears in full screen.

I have achieved almost everything but I am missing these icons:

Thank you so much for help me


I’m also curious and looking for an alternative to the kiosk mode addon.

I’m using it for a wall mounted tablet (Windows tablet running a browser)


Follow the instructions on his GitHub for manual installation and that should get you back working.

I did this yesterday and it works without issue for me.

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I‘m using the Kiosker app on iOS to nail down an iPad dedicated to running HA in Kiosk mode.

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Yes, it worked me! Thanks!

ok, thanks worked!

I tried the manual install route, and everything seems to be in order, but nothing has changed in HA. I added the .js file to www in my installation path, added the resource to configuration.yaml, added the simple config example below just to test. No dice. Any suggestions? I restarted HA and there are no configuration errors. Not sure what else to try.

  hide_header: true

Post all codes that you use and routes

You don’t need to add it via Yaml, add it as a resource. See picks below.

From maykar’s Github

Here’s what my setup looks like.

Yep, I figured that out after posting here. Unfortunately still no luck. Here’s what I have:

latest version (1.7.2) of kiosk-mode.js in the www directory

/local/kiosk-mode.js?v=1.7.2 was added to resources
Maybe I am not getting the URL right though. I see yours is different.

config was added under dashboard raw config editor

I just removed everything I did and re-added each step and it’s good now. Thanks for the help!

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I’ve just come across this problem myself. But rather than manually adding an archived repo, I thought I’d see if I can find another, sustainable option.

I have the Lovelace Wallpanel Screensaver installed. It has an option to hide the top and side bars, and offers the same type of URL to override it if needed.

I installed it via HACS, then added the following YAML to my dashboard:

  enabled: true
  debug: false
  hide_toolbar: true
  hide_sidebar: false
  fullscreen: false
  idle_time: 0
  fade_in_time: 3
  crossfade_time: 3
  display_time: 15
  screensaver_tint: 50
  display_tint: 50
  keep_screen_on_time: 40
  black_screen_after_time: 30

Note, to disable the effect, just like you could in Kiosk mode, you can add a query to the URL. However, it’s slightly different. Append the following:


For example:
https://<<your home assistant URL/?wpss_enabled=false

There’s a lot more you can do with the Wallpaper screensaver module. It’s worth having an explore.

Anyway, I loved Kiosk mode, but it looks like it’s not going to be maintained so this is hopefully an nice alternaitve solution which I hope some of you will like.


I just redownloaded it from hacs and it work fine after that for me.

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firs of all excuse my english.

I´m trying it but i can´t do. i have installed in www the .jsn archivo from github. the location of www is at config/www.

after this i have followed the instructión of Servicexp but i don´t konw if the url where i am trying to intall it is the correct. Any help?

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Does anybody know what happened? Kiosk Mode is an extremely useful front end add on. I did re-add it manually, I’m just afraid it will now break over time…@maykar, what happened?


Hi Andy,

I’m also using kiosker in combination with the above wallpaper kiosk script. Somehow, after adding the configuration, I receive the wallpaper etc, but my sidebar is still displayed. Do you know where I should look ?



In the settings (Profile) of the logged in user you can hide sidebar elements or the complete sidebar.

Please don’t tag people, if you don’t have any specific request (meaning you could have found the answer by simply searching) or are advised to. It just ruins the tagging feature. :slight_smile: Thanks a lot.

And here is your answer, found be searching for the last post @mayker made a few weeks ago, in answer to why his repos are all archived:


Is there an option to specify a user like Kiosk Mode? I don’t want my sidebars & headers hidden for all my users, just my wall tablet users.

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