Kiosk mode

Thanks @anon94216691, but we can’t hide the ACCESS to the the sidebar, right ? When I hide the sidebar, people can ‘expand’ the 3-lines and view, change, delete



Hi, Sireone. Thanks for pointing this out. I just got this up and running. It seems to work well, but requires a tap to the screen to bring it to life. Have you got this working with motion detection? Seems like a near-perfect solution.

It was actually simpler that. I use WallPanel for the tablets. In the URL, I simply add ?kiosk at the end and the sidebar/header is removed for that user only.

i use walpanel for android with the kiosk mode from hacs, works out of the box.

walpanel can be the home app on android devices. its menue can be code locked.

it supports video streams, but that does not work reliably. it handles post and mqtt commands, can speakt and for screensafer it can dim, pcitures websites or off and motion or face detection to trigger it to start again.

this in combination with the kiosk mode with the kiosk true setting is about what i want as a kiosk panel.

if you dont know the code, its almost impossible to brake out of that. even if you know, you may make it to the android settings, and such, but you cant open other apps or change stuff in ha.

one thing, both apps are not activly maintained right now. but as long as it works, i dont care.

Is this integration still active? It appears the new 23.04.01 has broken it on my setup. Anyone else experiencing the same thing? I could switch over to browser mod, but I prefer this implementation much better.

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As you can see, the last update is from Oct 2021 (GitHub - maykar/kiosk-mode: 🙈 Hides the Home Assistant header and/or sidebar)

With Browser_mod you can hide the header and sidebar.

I’m also experiencing problem after upgrading to 2023.04.x. I see the following error message in the logs that might be of any help, for a trained eye.

ERROR (MainThread) [frontend.js.latest.202304061] Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'querySelector')

Acording to a discution under:
Hide title bar / black bar at top (That also links to this solution with Kiosk mode)

The post from [diamonddrake] posted 6. April, has a link to a temporary fix for a updated kiosk-mode.js file:

Tried to replace my kiosk-mode.js, but I seem to still have the same problem…


Got it to work for me.

After updating my kiosk-mode.js in my www folder, I had to go to “Configuration/[Lovelace ]Dashboards”. In the top right corner, click the “…”, and choose Recourses. I found my old kiosk-mode.js line, and updated it with the version number I found in the new kiosk-mode.js to image


Well done. This worked for me as well.

Thank you.

good find. thank you!

I had an issue as well since the new update, but all i had to do was uninstall kiosk mode and re isntalle it again and voila!!!
Thank you Guys!