Kitchen components like meat thermometers


Hi out there!

I just searched for a smart meat thermometer to buy. While searching I see, that we have on the main homepage tons of compnents but not a category for kitchen tools.

1: The question is: What of those tools do HA support? Do somebody know such a “meat-meter”?

2: And the request: I suggest to add a kitchen category like we have “health” or “media” or so.



Here is a discussion about a ‘meat meter’ - in this case it the Weber iGrill 2.
I’ve managed to follow the instructions and set it up but had to use another RPi, i.e. not the one I’m running my main HA installation on, because I could only get it to work with Python2, not Python3:

And in this case, it’s connecting to HA via MQTT, so HA doesn’t really care what the ‘component’ is - and it’s also not a component specific to the iGrill 2. It’s ‘just’ MQTT from another Pi.


Kitchen domain doesn’t make sense in terms of naming. Is it not just a sensor?


Yes it is a temperature sensor I would think.


Yes, it’s either a sensor, or a switch for appliance that can be turned on/off.


Yes, makes sense.

I don’t have a smart kitchen but because of HA I always take a look into the components list :wink: What I do not found was things like ovens or fridges, but, as i mean, I have no glue about API in this sector yet.