Klick, Jump, Link to tab from 1st tab

Hi, I have tried to find and search the forum but it might be that I am not searching right. What I would like to have.

Mostly when opening the HomeAssistant app I get on to the first page (tab) of lovelace.

Then I must do 2 thing:

  1. scroll down (can be long)
  2. scroll right via the tabs or on the screen via " Lovelace Swipe Navigation".

Both are “time consuming” if I want to quickly go to frequently used items.

Is there an option to make a “front/first” tab, fitting on 1 mobile page in which I can make “tiles” that I can just click to go to a tab or a specific “position” in a specific tab?

Just set up your default view with your most used and viewed items. Move everything else to other views.

Some examples here: What does your deafult page look like?

Hi Tom, thank you for you suggestion. But I would really like an answer to the question as I asked it. I know I can setup such a view, but since I refer to the mobile view there is not so much space in the"1st tab" Can I setup “tiles that are clickable”?

Sure. The Button Card has a “navigate” tap action you can use to jump to other views.

For a fancier button you could use the custom button card. It has the same tap action.