Hello everyone, I hope I am ride here. I have a question I’m looking for a setup for the Dutch klik aan klik uit… On the internet nothing I can find😞 Is there someone were this is is running? Please share it with my… you help me a lot

What do you want to know? Do you have a dongle like RFXCOM?

no I only have the ics 1000 and the ics 2000 but I think I cannot pair them

Do you use zigbee or 433MHZ switches and lights?

I use the 433 mhz switches that is the problem i think…

The problem are not the 433 switches but de ICS 2000 and 1000. I Think there is no option to pair them. The only option for me was to buy a RFXcom a few years ago. It works great on my Rapsberry Pi for several years. I have only one 433 component left in my garden.

I need to replace that one and the dongle no longer necessary.

okay thanks for thinking along … but do you know why linking the ics 1000 to homebridge?

Yes i now but i don’t understand why it is possible to connect the ics1000 to homebridge but not to home assistent…

is it possible to pair the kaku 433 mhz with a sonoff bridge?

Not with a sonoff rf bridge. Sonoff Rf bridge does not support the KAKU protocol.

This works great :

Thanks man a question what is the range of the box can I operate my house with 3 floors on it?

If you add a quality antenna, yes.

I use OpenMQTTGateway running on an ESP 8266 with a 433MHz transmitter and receiver connected.


The RFlink is maybe the easier way because it recognizes the devices, with the OpenMQTTGateway you’ll have to scan the codes yoursefl and add them to your HA config.

Fabian does it work with kaku?

Is there also a option to buy a rflink cheap complete? For cheap link 25 euro or dollar?

You can buy everything you need for € 40.40, and use the soldering service for €5.5


This one is cheaper : €36.95


Thanks man but for 10.50 i make the same?

The €10.5 is price of 2017. If you order everything on ali, you will get there for €15

For those who are not worried about doing it themselves, let me recommend using the Mega 2560 PRO board.
Maybe a little more expensive, but you can get all the RFLink in a more compact size.
It is the system that I have been using for about 2 years without problems.