KNX, 1Home, and Google Home

Any one here with KNX tried 1Home Bridge? Getting KNX to HA is ok, but then how to get things into Google Home. the I can export the ETS file and import it into 1Home Bridge with no problems, but that leaves out the non-KNX devices defined in HA out of Google Home like Shellies especially those that are added to groups that were originally connected via KNX.

Any advice?

Is there no way to directly forward HA entities to Google Home - a Google integration of some sort (like there is for HomeKit)?

I didn’t go through it, but I keep getting a new integration discovered for ESPHome and it says 1Home. This might be the way!! However, I don’t want to make a complex loop before I am sure what to do and how so I don’t endup with a million places to edit if I need to make a tiny change

I guess the 1Home thing just uses an esp internally and discovery sees a known MAC address (vendor part). But not sure since I own neither of these things. Maybe have a look here Google Assistant - Home Assistant

Correction. the 1Home is discovered as HomeKit Controller