KNX - cannot interact with ETS and my participant

Hi All !,

I have a problem. I’m new to KNX since I bought a house equiped with knx a few months ago.
I Have ETS6 and i import the knxproj from the former owner.
All is configured in the house and work well, but in ETS i cannot interact with the participants such as blind, lights, thermostat etc I can only have interaction whith one dali lights. Only one dali lights could appear in the group adresse monitor. What could be the problem ? Is there a filter somewhere ? I can put screenshot if helped.

Thank you very much for the help.

Hi :wave:!

Depending on the topology there could be filters in line couplers or routers.

this is the difference i noticed on the dali light who appear in the group monitor.

Should i put the same value to all other group adresses ?

I would not do that. This doesn’t really follow topology-best-practices.

Ok … like i say before i’m new to this knx world, i would appreciate every best-practices solutions :sweat_smile:

my final goal is not really to interact with ETS and my participant but i think is the first thing to do for having a working knx integration in home assistant. Actually i can only turn on one dali lignt in home assistant :frowning:

Is there something to do with the IP-Router ? I notice this button :

Do you also use the network equipment ( router ) from the former owner?
The IP for the KNX-IP-device is manually assigned to
Does your PC/Laptop also have a IP-Address in the network and your Router has address ?


yes for all the questions :slight_smile:

I can connect to ETS with the KNX-IP/Router from my PC.

Please post a screenshot of ETS showing your full topology.

like this ?`

Yes. Try to set ETS to use a tunnel connection. Or use your USB interface.

Do you know what model your Router 1.1.0 is?
Also, what is 1.2.1 ?

1.1.0 WAGO Kontakttechnik 750-889 & 753-646 IP-Router IP-Router
1.2.1 WAGO Kontakttechnik 750-889 IP-Controller IP-Controller

How to set a tunnel ?
When i choose the router in the high right corner of ETS i got a message that say “Impossible to connect to the ip interface (there is no more available connections)”

Oh, Never seen that device. Maybe it doesn’t provide any tunnels :thinking:
For ETS, I guess using USB will work fine for now.
For HA you’ll need to get IP to work.

Maybe you can disable all filters here and use routing then in HA (and ETS).
Since you don’t have multiple routers / IP areas this should be fine. (I think your 1.2.x is the second connection of the same Wago device, is it?)

I think the ip controller is for a visual interface that i have with a wago app on phone or directly on web browser when i open But this interface is horrible :slight_smile:

in the wago router i’ve got 2 ethernet ports but 1 only is used.

Aha. Still, I think you can safely disable the filters in this installation. Just be aware that all telegrams will be sent to IP multicast unencrypted then.

Does the device 1.2.1 have group addresses associated in its group objects?


In BUS → IP popup what is main groups 0 to 13 ? and main groups 14 and 15 ? Wich options i have to change to disable filter correctly ?


“Weiterleiten” for both (it’s German for “(to) forward”).
You’ll also need to set that for the other direction “IP → Bus” to enable bidirectional communication.

“Main groups” is the first section of a group address. Eg. 5/3/10 would have main group 5. The differentiation between 0-13 and higher has historical reasons afaik - imho you can ignore that and use same setting for both.

“Individual address” telegrams are point-to-point - this is used for configuration from ETS. Not really sure if it works when using “filtern” , but in doubt you can just try.

Thanks a lot Matthias. I could interact with the group monitor now like a charm.

I will try to configure all my group adress in HA.

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