KNX Climate and actuator without setpoint_shift_state_address

Hi :slight_smile:

I want to control the temperature of my Theben 718S actuator (
I can change modes without problem, I have the temperature and setpoint displayed. It controls my KNX valve.
But I can’t get it to take into account the temperature change from the interface.

Here my yaml :

- name: "SDB"
  temperature_address: "4/0/0"
  setpoint_shift_address: "4/0/2"
  setpoint_shift_state_address: "4/0/2"
  setpoint_shift_mode: "DPT9002"
  target_temperature_state_address: "4/0/5"
  operation_mode_address: "4/0/4"
  operation_mode_state_address: "4/0/3"

On the 718S
4/0/0 : 1
4/0/2 : 11
4/0/3 : 16
4/0/4 : 13
4/0/5 : 23

The 718S don’t have a state address for the setpoint_shift (offset in the doc).

BUT, if (via ETS) I send a value in the Setpoint_shift_address group, after that, it’s work … Otherwise, it does not work, HA don’t send anything …

If someone has an idea …


Can you just set the Read-Flag for the setpoint-shift function bject?