KNX Climate - Preset, Fan Speed and Humidity

Hello, I am new to both KNX and Home Assistant. I have configured a Siemens RDG200KN thermostat as a climate entity in home assistant. All the configured features are working fine and it shows up on my dashboard like this:

However, I have some questions about this:

  1. The “preset” configuration (i.e. operation mode) is only available in a popup window when clicking on the three dots in the top right corner. Is it possible to customise the UI such that I can choose the preset without opening the popup? The preset is the only way for me to switch the thermostat on/off so I often need to access this setting.
  2. My thermostat also supports fan speed settings (manual and auto). However, it seems that “climate” does not have any options for this. What’s the best way of controlling the fan speed from home assistant? Do I need to add another separate “fan” device for this?
  3. My thermostat also reports humidity in addition to room temperature. What’s the best way to integrate this into home assistant? I have added it as “weather”, which looks a bit weird on the dashboard as my thermostat isn’t a weather station.

To start, you can add features in the card setup. If the options are available on your thermostat they will show in the added feature.

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Hi :wave:!

Knx climate doesn’t support it directly, so use a fan, number or select entity for this - whatever fits best for your needs.

Use a simple sensor entity.


How can I get to this card configuration popup? I couldn’t find this anywhere.
Update: Figured out that I need to create another dashboard to edit this.