KNX Climate Problem

Helle there,

i have a problem by the configuration from my climate on my knx.

This is my configuration:

  - name: "KG Gang - test"
    temperature_address: "3/0/1"
    target_temperature_address: "3/1/1"
    target_temperature_state_address: "3/2/1"
    min_temp: 5.0
    max_temp: 30.0

This is my configuration in ETS

Screenshot 2024-05-07 180748

Can anyone help me?

Hi :wave:!
What is the actual problem?


thanks for your fast reply. I have a Problem with the Cooling and Heating Mode.

I have a central switch for the cooling or heating mode.

Then i have for each room a seperat entry for the setpoint:

I have no Idea for the configuration. I have found following entry in the docu:

The following values are valid for the heat_cool_address and the heat_cool_state_address:

    0 (cooling)
    1 (heating)

But by me i have 1 for heating und 0 for cooling

Any Idea?

That’s the same :upside_down_face:. If it is a typo, use some Knx logic or HA automation to invert it.


hmm ok thanks. can you give a an example for your yaml configuration from the knx ?

That’s not going to help you. You can find examples in the documentation.

yeah sure, but i have no idea to invert it with a automation?

Have a look here HOASS KNX invert binary sensor output to KNX Groupadress - #2 by farmio

You’d essentially use a new GA.