KNX connection unavaillable


I was using a Loxone Miniseverver as my dashboard interface to my KNX system (many years ago that was a much cheaper solution than the GIRA server)
… but there were a lot of problems with my Loxone interface, so I’ve started to setup HA with KNX.
That worked great for about 1 week or so.
now nothing works anymore and in logbook I see this message:
‘KNX Interface Connection type became unavailable’

I must say that I have solved the issue with Loxone by replacing the SD card as this was giving the troubles to login. That is working fine again, but I guess since that was fixed the problem with the HA-KNX started. (Don’t know for sure)

Hope somebody can help me further.

Have a look at your logs to see why the connection can’t be established again.

Is the Loxone device your Knx IP interface?

Yes, Loxone is the KNX IP interface.
See connection

If I disconnect the Loxone, no entities are found in HA, so I have only that option to connect

Logs are here Open your Home Assistant instance and show your Home Assistant logs.

Thanks for the Log info, did not knew how to view that. :+1:

I’ve resetted also the loxone server and now I have again full acces via HA and Loxone Servers.
So far all is working again as before.

in the log I see warning messages, but I guess I can ignore these.

The first one you can ignore (or fix it by setting a read flag / using a different object - see KNX documentation / troubleshooting).

If the second one pops up again it might point to an issue of the IP interface or network.

Hi Thanks for the info, yeh need to dive into the KNX docu to level up my understanding.

Did a full restart of all my systems (loxone, HA …)
So far all is working fine for a couple of days - since than the second error did not appear anymore.