KNX Cover stops moving unexpected

Hi guys,

I’m facing an issue where a cover is configured to work with KNX. When i move the cover up from the GUI it goes up but randomly stops at 38%. In the log from KNX i can see that a “Down” command is sent from the hassio but this has not been done by the user.

Schermafbeelding 2021-10-03 om 19.37.49

Does anyone experience the same?

Thanks in advance,

Please add the HA yaml config of your cover. And the GA assignment from ETS used there.

How do you invoke the movement (button or slider)?

Hi Matthias,

I’m only controlling the movement by using the buttons for up and down, i don’t use the slider.


Not entirely sure. Here are some things you can try:

  • configure travelling_time_down and -up
  • configure position_address

maybe it helps.

That said MDTs “Single Object Control” is not supported and may lead to problems. If this is the cause of your issue reconfigure your actuators or maybe try removing move_long_address and only configure position_* for %-movement.

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Hi Matthias,

Thanks! the shutter doesn’t stop randomly anymore. The only issue that i still see is that the status bar moves twice as fast as the status that comes from the bus. (see attached video in wetransfer link)

Do you have any idea why this is happening?


What’s your new configuration? (Please copy and paste in a code block)

Hi Matthias,

Thanks, please find below the code:

    - name: "Zonnescherm deur slaapkamer rechts"
      stop_address: "5/0/3"
      position_address: "5/0/10"
      position_state_address: "5/0/4"

GA Config:

Add this. It’s the time in seconds and should be the same as in the actuator.

When i configure those it looks better, but shouldn’t it follow the percentage that’s provided by position_state_address?


Yes, and I think it does.
Most actuators don’t send percentages when moving - or at least not that often. So xknx interpolates the position until a new one is received to enable a smoothly moving slider in HA.