KNX Date time


Could you help me with this basic that doesn’t work for me.
I am trying to send date / time to my knx bus.

my configuration.yaml is like that:

  binary_sensor: !include knx_binary_sensor.yaml
  switch: !include knx_switch.yaml
  sensor: !include knx_sensor.yaml
  cover: !include knx_cover.yaml
  scene: !include knx_scene.yaml
  light: !include knx_light.yaml
  climate: !include knx_climate.yaml
  expose: !include knx_expose.yaml

and my knx_expose.yaml

- type: 'time'
  address: '3/5/0'
- type: 'date'
  address: '3/5/1'
- type: 'datetime'
  address: '3/5/2'
- type: 'temperature'
  address: '8/1/30'
  entity_id: sensor.temperature_ressentie_couloir

Temperature is well send to 8/1/30, but not time and date.

What am I doing wrong ?
HA V 0.115.6



this was a bug in 0.115 - lucky you 0.116 was just released 2 hours ago. It should be working there.

Thanks Matthias. Indeed, I upgraded and it’s working now.

Funniest is that a bit before asking the question, I check if I was in the latest version… :wink:

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