KNX dimmable lights

Hello everyone, my IoT devices are all KNX based. So far I was able to include basic elements. I added my dimmable lights but if I turn on the lights from my knx switch or another supervisor, HA doesn’t get the info. But if I do the changes in HA, the information is transfered to the other units. The code is straight forward, so I don’t know what I am missing. Here is what I am using:

#Dimmable lights
    - name: "Wohnzimmer"
      address: "0/0/4"
      state_address: "0/0/64"
      brightness_address: "0/0/94"
      brightness_state_address: "0/2/124"

Your definition in HA looks good I think. So maybe there is a problem on the ETS side. Could you add a screenshot from the GA assignment in ETS? The screenshot should also include the flags.
I’m on vacation in a few hours, so maybe I’m slow in answering, but I’m sure also someone else can have a look on it.

I have also all my devices KNX based, and I use the same code as you.
I will double check the brightness_state_address

  - name: "Studio KNX"
    address: "0/0/113"
    state_address: "1/0/113"
    brightness_address: "0/3/113"
    brightness_state_address: "1/3/113"

It’s a new installation and my installer is on vacation. So waiting for him to come back and give me the list. Enjoy the vacation (Y)

Alright, thank you.

So my installer sent me the data but in PDF file… :man_facepalming: and in french. I will try to translate…
What is written after the # is what I translated from french.

So here is what I have:

    - name: "Wohnzimmer"
      address: "0/0/4" #On/OFF
      state_address: "0/0/34" #State
      ??_address: "0/0/64" #dimming control
      ??_address: "0/0/94" # variable value in %
      ??_address: "0/0/124" #variable value indicator in %

Hi :wave:!
I guess it should work like this:

    - name: "Wohnzimmer"
      address: "0/0/4" #On/OFF
      state_address: "0/0/34" #State
      brightness_address: "0/0/94" # variable value in %
      brightness_state_address: "0/0/94" #variable value indicator in %

you have the same GA for brightness and brightness_state - maybe this is a typo. If not it should also work this way if the GA is readable (read flag) - otherwise you will get some errors in the logs complaining about this address not responding - you can remove it then.

Thank you @farmio , indeed the last address is 124, I corrected it. Magically it started working but it broke my automatically generated dashboard: TypeError: undefined is not an object (evaluating ‘e.entity_id’)

I used the same values before and it wasn’t working. Maybe it had something to do with the update…