Knx_event - missing metadata


I managed to get my KNX telegrams posted on the HA BUS (knx_event).

What I am trying to achieve:
On sunrise/sunset, send a KNX GroupValueWrite to GA a/b/c => WORKS using the knx.send service
On receipt of a KNX GroupValueRead from GA a/b/c, send a KNX GroupValueResponse to GA a/b/c

I am wondering why the telegramtype is not included as metadata for the knx_event in the HA bus. I cannot distinguish between e.g. a GroupValueRead and GroupValueWrite. And even if I could, the knx.send service does not allow me to send a GroupValueResponse (it sends a GroupValueWrite).

So: what am I missing here? What is the correct way to get this done?

Looks like I need to use “expose”