KNX group address change not working

Dear Community,

I am currently using KNX in conjunction with home-assistant and I am quite satisfied with the integration so far. However, I made a mistake when manually entering the group address for one of my blinds in the configuration.

  - name: "Child Blind"
    move_long_address: "3/3/8"
    move_short_address: "3/3/9"
    stop_address: "3/3/9"
    position_address: "3/3/10"
    position_state_address: "3/3/11"
    **angle_address: "3/3/12"**
    angle_state_address: "3/3/13"
    device_class: blind

It took me a significant amount of time to realize that I had a typo in the config file (3/3/21 instead of 3/3/12). Even after rectifying this mistake, home-assistant is still sending the angle position to the incorrect group address (3/3/21). I have verified this through the ETS6 group address monitor, and I have also restarted home-assistant multiple times.

I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could provide a solution to this issue.

Thank you!

Hi :wave:!
The only thing that could explain such an issue would be, if this entry was duplicated in your yaml for some reason.
Other than that, reloading the integration would be sufficient for HA to use the new GA.

Other than that, I can only suggest to open a GitHub issue and attach a diagnostic information download for the integration, and maybe a screenshot of the GroupMonitor (HAs or ETS doesn’t really matter).