KNX hvac climate configuration

hi every one!

I’m new with the forum and with home assistant, and also is my first experience in a forum. i hope that my post is correct.

I want to configure in home assistant a climate object connected to a knx gewiss thermostat probe.

Up to now i undestood this. hope it’s correct

    name: cav_pt_clima
    temperature_address: '7/2/0'
    target_temperature_state_address: '7/2/11'
    operation_mode_address: '2/6/0'
    operation_mode_state_address: '7/2/3'

The configuration on ETS is based on 4 setpoint.
I have 4 group address to set the setpoint and 4 relative state address (DPT9.001).
I can’t undestand how to configure this addresses.

Moreover, i didn’t get the meaning of “setpoint_shift_address” variable. i guess it’s to be used in a setpoint configuration of ets, and not HVAC mode.

hope anyone can help me!

thank you guys

Hi :wave:

Setpoint Shift is used to derive a target temperature from a base temperature. Often DPT6. Many knx actuators use this.

I have never seen individual temperature addresses for different modes. This is not supported directly in the integration.
You could maybe use 4 individual climate devices for this. (Or 3 - I guess building protection temp will not be changed very often :wink:

How do you switch modes?

at the moment i’m using another supervisor, which is able to switch the mode and also change the setpoint of every mode.

i print here a screen of the ets project, maybe can be usefull even if it’s in italian.

Also…in the HA documentation of KNX i’ve read this:

The following presets are valid for the preset_mode attribute:

  • Comfort (maps internally to PRESET_COMFORT within Home Assistant)
  • Standby (maps internally to PRESET_AWAY within Home Assistant)
  • Night (maps internally to PRESET_SLEEP within Home Assistant)
  • Frost Protection (maps internally to PRESET_ECO within Home Assistant)

It can be enough to use this preset configuration…maybe i can change the function mode in ets using the setpoint mode…

maybe, there is another solution…

The parameter in object are just temperature and relative state DPT9.001

there is a possibility out of the climate object to configurate a temperature R/W variable?

This presets can be used by operation_mode with communication object 1 or 40.

For the rest I’m not sure - can’t read Italian. Maybe there is something along “current setpoint” for setting current mode.

As I said you can just configure multiple climate devices - one for each mode. You can just omit operation mode if you like, then it’s just a temperature slider. (Maybe current temperature is required but that shouldn’t be a problem).
If you don’t like this try a template Input and expose to knx (see knx documentation)

thank you very much for your support :slight_smile:
Just one more question, can you tell me ho to configure the preset list in operation mode?

It should do automatically. If this list doesn’t fit your needs (you don’t want a specific item) you can specify available modes by passing a list to operation_modes.

That said there are going to be some changes to the way climate modes are handled (hopefully) in HA 0.117

thank you very much for your support! it has been very helpfull.

I undestood that there are different preset… but is it possible to change a preset?
Lets say that i want to see and modify on the lovelace the values of the eco and away preset… is it possible?

Im afraid I don’t really understand the question. If you mean if it is possible to change an inactive presets target temperature, then no.
(Except your actuator actually allows this by individual GAs and you configure individual climate devices for them)

ho il tuo stesso problema con (credo) lo stesso crono termostato (gewiss)
Sei riuscito a configurarlo correttamente?
Io ho profato molto ma non sono riuscito ad arrivare ad un risultato soddisfacente.

Fammi sapere se puoi.