KNX Integration - "All-Out" GA / state change not recognized in HA

Hi everybody,

I am fairly new to HA, so please be patient with not optimally phrased questions / terminology :slight_smile:

I successfully set up the most relevant integrations (WOW!), among which I definitely cherish the knx integration.
So, here’s my problem: Unfortunately HA does not seem to recognize my “central functions”, e.g. “all out” (switch to turn off all lights/switches when leaving the house, per floor etc.).

I have set up GAs for these 3 functions and put them as a secondary address on my MDT actuators. This is working great on the knx end.

I turned up the xknx.log level and can see the relevant telegrams in the flow (15/0/0 is the function, 2/3/0 the switch being turned off by the actuator 1.1.3). I can’t see anything in the “logbook” though, although I defined 15/0/0 as a switch in knx.

Here are the relevant xknx.log entries:

2021-11-23 20:48:14 DEBUG (MainThread) [xknx.telegram] <Telegram direction="Incoming" source_address="1.1.3" destination_address="2/3/1" payload="<GroupValueWrite value="<DPTBinary value="0" />" />" />

Anybody got a hint for me?

Hi :wave:!

Can you share an example yaml config of a light and switch which should be switched off by this central function? Do they have a state addresses?

Please always enclose logs and code (yaml etc) in code tags (tripple backticks ```) so the froum markdown parser doesn’t remove parts of it and it is better readable.

Hi Matthias,
thank you for getting back to me so fast ! (and of course, I corrected the log posting with the backticks in the orginal posting, sorry for that).

Here are the excerpts from my knx.yaml for the switches relevant to the log:

  - name: "WZ Steckdose Ecke Gast E/A"
    address: "2/3/0"
    state_address: "2/3/1"

  - name: "EG AUS"
    address: "15/0/0"

My issue is the following: The 15/0/0 does what it is supposed to do on the KNX level ==> switches off all lights/power outlets (==> directly on the actuator).
But: I would like to set up an automation in HA when I see a “0” telegram on the 15/0/0 (e.g. switch of my SONOS appliances), but other than in the log file I can’t seem to grasp the telegram in question?

==> Does it make more sense to set this up as a sensor?
— In theory that does not seem to be appealing as I would like to use my “all out” switch as a panic button as well…


Oh, I got you wrong, I was thinking your HA switches and lights do not react to the “central off” thing… but it seems that this is working, is it?

Having the “everything off” as a switch doesn’t really work as it always sends 0 to 15/0/0 but a HA switch has state - which would not changes as it is always OFF. If you want to trigger it from HA as well wait for the next release (December) and configure a new button entity.

You are looking for knx_event. Just be aware that the yaml configuration for this will slightly change next release.
You can use it as trigger in automations then.

You could use a binary_sensor with ignore_internal_state: True but this also has state so it doesn’t make much sense to have an entity for it as it is always OFF. → event

I don’t know what you mean by that, sorry.

Yes, kind of, because the HA part does not really play a role…

==> That sounds like what I would need, I’ll be patient and THANK YOU :pray: for all your efforts!

You are looking for knx_event. Just be aware that the yaml configuration for this will slightly change next release.
You can use it as trigger in automations then.

So, in theory the “everything off” can work both ways. As a central “off” button (Zentralfunktion in KNX) when I leave the house to make sure that everything is switched off (which works great in ETS/KNX) for everything that can be controlled this way.
Also: When I send a “1” telegram to this GA, I would switch ON “everything”(!). In case of an alarm I could switch on every light/outlet etc. with one telegram (“panic button”) to scare intruders away. Also possible, send a text-to-speech thing triggered by the on state or play something like AC/DC really loud :slight_smile:

You can do that from HA with a second button entity then - every button entity sends one specific payload to a specific GA.

To receive it in HA I’d use an event again. Just match the events payload to differentiate.

So, of course I was not patient :wink:

I set up the knx event filter in the knx.yaml and successfully defined an Automation trigger.

Unfortunately the event did only “fire” once and the automation (a notification to my mobile to test) was send only once :frowning:

Is there some kind of reset I overlooked in the docs?

No there is nothing on knx Integration side (don’t know about mobile push notification integration). Check if the event is fired from Open your Home Assistant instance and show your event developer tools.
It’s probably fixed in the automation definition.

Thanks… another thing I’ve learned now… event listener is registering everything fine and I’ll look into the automation again…