KNX Integration: Climate

Hi, I am new to 'Home Assistant" but have enough of experience with KNX. I want to use the “climate” option to control my AC and so I have written the code as follows. When on_off_address = 0, the AC is “Off”. This is fine. But when on_off_address = 1, my AC is actually “cooling” but the frontend show it as “Heating”. How I can change this front end from “Heat” to “Cool” when my on_off_address = 1.

- name: ‘AC’
on_off_address: ‘1/1/21’
on_off_state_address: ‘1/1/22’
temperature_address: ‘1/1/23’
target_temperature_address: ‘1/1/24’
target_temperature_state_address: ‘1/1/25’
min_temp: 18
max_temp: 30

Hi :wave:!
Set default_controller_mode. See

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Thank you. That was very helpful.