KNX Integration - Cover: Is traveling_time_up/down really used?

The early summer in Germany makes me use the blinds more often. My blinds are controlled by a KNX actuator and are integrated via KNX integration.

They also get position values (Position State) from the KNX bus. However, the status display fits neither in Homeassistant nor in HomeKit.

After approx. 24-25 seconds, it is displayed that the blinds are open or closed. Some blinds are actually only at 50%.

I therefore set the movement time manually with the following attribute. But no matter what I enter: Nothing changes.

travelling_time_down: 47
travelling_time_up: 47

Is the Travelling_Time or the Position state currently really used to represent positon of cover in HA or HomeKit?


Hi :wave:!
Yes, it’s really used for KNX.
On movement the position is updated every second (I think) based on the configured time. However a received position state value has precedence and the calculation is restarted from that value. So when your actuators report wrong position states it will show wrongly in the HA entity too.

HomeKit has nothing to do with it - this is just the forwarded HA entity you see there.

Okay, thanks. But I watched the bus telegrams in group monitor and I can tell you - there is nothin wrong with it. The actuator starts at 100% when closed and counts down to 0 in a two second rhythm.

When I track the status in HomeKit, I can sometimes see two numbers. Once the values are counted from 0 to 100 within 25 seconds. Then the display switches to the real values sent by the actuator.

In my opinion, the behaviour is not correct.

🤷 I don’t know if HomeKit does something awkward with these values, but it doesn’t help to add an abstraction layer to find the source of the problem.
Just watch the HA entity in HA Ui and see if it behaves correctly.

How is the entity and the actuator configured?
Also logs of xknx.telegram and state_changed events would be helpful. KNX - Home Assistant

The position indicator of the HA entity shows the same behaviour. I goes from 100 to 0 within 25s and that it wents back to the real position (around 60%) and again down to 0.

The actuator is a MDT model, nothing special with it. I can control everything and position status is send in a 2s interval.

I can see the same faulty behaviour with my garage door, that is also configured as cover.

I would like to give you logs, but - as far I can see - there are no log files that I could easily upload. Logging in HA is some kind of complex thing - sorry, don’t have time for that currently.

It is not such a big problem to me - sorry.

This really seems like you have just not configured traveling times. It defaults to 25 seconds then.

The traveling time feature works perfectly fine for me and my covers.

May be the same issue as here: KNX cover position and status · Issue #71745 · home-assistant/core · GitHub
I can’t really test this on my installation as my actuators can only send position state when stopped, not continusly (eg. every second).

Yes, the issue shown in the first clip (reset of position state after 0) is exactly the same behavior.

If there is any fix I would test it.

Sure, but you’d need to have HA use an unreleased xknx version right now.
Otherwise just be sure to try the next beta release.


I took a look into your changes at GitHub. I will report when 0.21.3 has been added to HA.