KNX integration fails: "config flow"

Hi, I hope you can help. I’m fairly new to Home Assistant, trying it out as an alternative for OpenHab, which doesn’t work on my Synology anymore.
Whenever I try to install the KNX integration, this is the message: “Config flow could not be loaded”. In the log, this is the message:

Logger: homeassistant.config_entries

Error occurred loading configuration flow for integration knx: No module named ‘homeassistant.components.knx.config_flow’

I use Home Assistant Core version 2021.9.7-15 on Synology NAS DS214, DSM7.0.
Any ideas for a workaround? I already restarted Home Assistant, but the problem persists.

Thanks in advance!

Hi :wave:!

Please try to update to the most recent HA core version (2022.2 - .3 is currently in beta).

KNX config flow was only added in 2021.12 - I wonder how you can get to such a message from 2021.9 :thinking:

If this doesn’t change anything, provide the full error stack trace you find at the logs.

Hi, thanks for your quick response. I used the direct link from knx integration to try to install it, because indeed it isn’t in the list.
Now I try to update, but I don’t manage to do that. I use Home Assistant Core from SynoCommunity because my DS214 can’t run Docker. Do you by any chance know a way to upgrade?

No, sorry, I’m not at all familiar with Synology.

My advice would be to just use a raspberry Pi or similar (with HomeAssistant OS) / old Notebook (maybe with Docker) etc. or better yet get an Amber (not sure if they are yet available).

You could also just use KNX configured entirely from yaml as it used to be done at 2021.9. but finding documentation for a specific past release could be tricky. Also you’d be missing out lots of bug fixes.

Thanks for your advice. I finally gave up on getting it running on Synology and bought a Raspberry Pi. Everything works. What a relief. And how great is Home Assistant compared to my old OpenHab 2! Thank you for giving me the last push :slight_smile:

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