KNX integration in HA with the new method

Hello all,
i’m new with Home Assistant (since yesterday) and more or less expert with KNX. All my house integrate KNX home automation and A/V automation too. I have actually a basic supervisor and i want to change with an IoT compatible Home Automation.

  • I have install HA without problem on RPI4 (+ Hyper-V for first test)
  • I add KNX integration without problem,
  • I have import my knxproject file and que group monitor looks to works fine.

My questions are :slight_smile:

  • Except the group monitor what is the goal to import my knx project ?
  • Where is the result of this manipulation ?
  • Should I always write by myself the yampl file like or something is created somewhere to simplify this step :
  - name: "Bureau"
     address: "6/0/74"             
     state_address: "6/0/174" 


Hi :wave:!

Device triggers (knx interface device) for now.

What manipulation? What result?

There are some projects found on GitHub to (partly) automate the creation of knx yaml.
I’d recommend VSCode with HA plugin and some copy&paste :wink:

Thanks farmio ! :+1:
So now i know that i need to create myself all yaml files to import my House KNX address group.

Sorry but I don"t understand. Is it the monitor group ?

It’s the same question as before. Because I have hope the importation of the KNX File generate a automatic file.

No, it’s device triggers that can be used in automations.
Just create an automation and you’ll probably find it.

I don’t konw how automation works on HA for the moment, but i have check and all the address group are present :+1: