KNX Notify example

Good day,

I have a " Gira 514200 KNX tastsensor 3 Plus 2-voudig" wich allows for “Alarm messages”
there are 2 inputs for this. a string for the alarm message and an enable/disable “switch”

So i found KNX - Home Assistant
As group adress i added the “message”
For the enable/disable i guess a simple lightswitch.

When sending a test message from ETS5 everything is working fine.
However i can’t find how to get this working in homeassistant.
Under “developers tools” > Service there is an “notify.knx_alarm”
but that is as far is i can come. i expect it to be so deadly simple that nobody has ever asked it as i couldn’t find any example.

My final goal is to link it to an existing mqtt topic. when the topic gets updated the switch should follow along. for some time. if not confirmed at the switch. the alarm should be cleared automatically.

Any help would be appreciated

Use the notify entity in an automation (or wherever else it would fit). Notifications - Home Assistant

I already tried that. however it isn’t working.

i made an automation.

Trigger type: MQTT
topic the message topic.
payload empty

no coditions at the moment.

action type: Call servie
Service: notify.knx_alarm
service data: 1 (don’t know what is is)

when i send a message to the topic. i see in the logbook that the automation is triggered.
however there is no data on the knx bux.

knx part of the configuration.yaml

    host: '1*****6'
    port: 3671
    local_ip: ''
    - type: 'time'
      address: '31/1/2'
    - type: 'datetime'
      address: '31/1/1'
    - type: 'temperature'
      entity_id: 'sensor.nefit_outdoor_temperature'
      address: '1/2/2'
  light: !include knx_light.yaml
  sensor: !include knx_sensor.yaml
  notify: !include knx_notify.yaml


    - name: Alarm
      address: "31/2/3"

Well, it’s the text that shall be sent (in the message attribute - title is not supported). Without a message nothing is going to be sent.

Try it from “developer tools - service” to get a feeling for this.

i guess i had to update hass.
the interface of the automation has changed. now it it clear.

it works perfect with static text.
it would be even better if i can change the text with mqtt.
can i use the input of the trigger as variable?

Do an automation for it. Or use knx expose if you have a mqtt entity that you want to send to knx.

but how do i get the payload of the mqtt in a variable for the atuomation?
i don’t see an component for an mqtt text string.

I don’t know mqtt, can’t help you there, sorry.