KNX participant reset


I was looking on the topics and in the KNX integration page to see how can I reset an KNX participant and I didn’t find any clue.

I dont’t know where to find this kind of feature, so I was hoping to find someone how can help me with that.

What exactly are you trying to reset? A Knx device or something in HA?
For former there was a PR that was declined. See

The one declined… but we can send a command via the knx.send option right? can we use an individual address instead of the group address?

Because I need to reset an KNX RF participant via the ETS almost each week. So I was thinking about an automation in HASS.

Maybe you can have a workaround?

No, that is not possible. Device Management is a different beast than normal group address communication. Although restarting is the ne of the simple cases it requires context (transport layer connection) that the Knx.send service can’t do. Maybe you can reach for xknx from AppDaemon or something like that, but I never tried such.

Ok I’ve overlooked the AppDaemon, but it’s to complicate for my understandment, I’m afraid.

If one day you try it let me know :grinning:

Is it possible to simply install xknx on proxmox LXC and have a small script with to do that?

You can install xknx on any system that supports Python 3.9 or 3.10. :wink:

Do you mind helping me setting an ip interface and a device reset 1.2.2



Instead of sys.argv and argv[1] you can also hardcode eg IndividualAddress("1.0.50")

And if discovery doesn’t work