KNX relay support

Home Assistant (HA) KNX currently supports cover devices, however it does not seem to work well with relays such as the Hager TRM694G. I am using these products in two scenarios and cannot work out how to so effectively with the existing KNX device types:

  1. Open and close a garage door using a single pulse relay (i.e. brief pulse which opens, stops or closes the door using only one output). There is no way to determine the actual position of the door as it travels using the KNX products. The current KNX “covers” device type does operate the relay nicely using the down and stop buttons on the HA dashboard cards, but up doesn’t do anything.
  2. I have a security gate which needs one pulsed relay input for up and / or stop; the second relay is for down and / or stop. This requires a KNX device type which can use one set of group addresses for up and stop and a different set for down and stop, but still have an integrated view with one set of up / down / stop commands. Control4 does something along these lines by allowing multiple relay outputs (group addresses) on a single device which works well. I’m trying to ditch Control4 for HA.

Don’t you have a feedback signal in KNX for that Hager Device ?

May you show your GA in ETS ? and how did you declare all GAs needed in your HA yaml ?

Hi :wave:!

Use a button entity for this.

The second one is a bit tricky as there is usually a second GA for stopping (short movement). Maybe you can reconfigure to adhere to standard KNX cover schema.

Or just use a template cover with knx.send services.