KNX Status not updating after reboot 0.118.0

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Has anyone else seen that KNX status (e.g. lights and HVAC controller) messages are not updating following server reboot? Was OK on 0.117.4 and before. (viewed from Lovelace).

yes same here since updated to 0.118.0, KNX Switch status are not showing up.
Working with my light

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same here… Will check the .1 and .2 release. Just checked with 0.118.2 but the same issue. NO KNX switch satte sync after restart

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It’s a known problem for switch, cover position and climate mode.
Lights should properly initialize!?

Matthias, I don’t quite understand, is this a new 0.118 issue? I’ve not see this issue for two years now, 0.117 was fine. It appears that after restart the status is not queried. I do have a big KNX system in my house.

PS: I do wish we could sort out the thermostats (KNX operating modes) in Lovelace. It’s used to be so good.

Same hear 0.118.2 is the same.

I stopped searching and have reverted to 0.117.6 where everything is just fine.
Am going to keep watching the updates and the changes to the xknx.


I confirm that I have the same issue with 118 (all subversion). I also have some problem with brightness value update (I start some light, but the brightness value stay at 0).

Maybe the problem is due to the fact that I split my command and status group (which is needed is some circumstance).

Till 117, everything was working fine, but with 118, it’s not working.

ex of a knx switch

- name: 'outlet living room'
   address: '2/0/1'
   state_address: '4/0/4'

anybody can help ?


Fred, I have split command and status groups, but in the same yaml sub-file and I’ve not seen this, but I do have the status update intervals set to about 5 minutes and on status change on the sensors. (Gira TS3/Plus in most cases). Example below:

- name: 'Lounge Downlights'
  address: '2/3/4'
  brightness_address: '2/5/4'
  state_address: '0/4/4'
  brightness_state_address: '0/2/4'