KNX switch - deactivate sync_state

Hey there,

with knx binary sensor, there is a configuration for not syncing the state ones per hour.
I wonder if there is an option to disable this feature for a knx switch too.

Reason, HA sends read requests to the bus, every ones an hour or so. But everytime it reads one special switch, a knx scene will be triggered. I only want to trigger this scene on switch change, so I want to deactivate sync_state update for this special switch.

Any idea except some kind of template workaround?

Hi Timo, so what you want is to deactivate the read requests for the bus from HA?

The KNX Status change is also the trigger for the KNX Scene?

Maybe not ideal, but why not moving the scenes function into HA?

Hey Chris,

not the read request at all. That is already possible via config. Only for one switch, like it is possible for binary_sensors for example :-).

I do not want to move scene function to HA, because I want my bus as independent as possible.
Everything should still work, if HA is gone in case of hardware failure or so. My family have to be able to use as much of my KNX infrastructure without any HA dependency :-).

But I think this thread would be better placed in feature requests for the KNX implementation. I will figure out to move it.


I did expect your response :sunglasses:

have you tried:

as a general setting if that stops all read requets

You can use a scene: instead of switch: and in HA react to the scene number instead of the switch triggering it. Then it should not be polled afaik and you still have the state_updater for your other sensors and devices.

Maybe you will have to set fire_event for the scene GA to register repeated scene calls to the same number. Not really sure - just give it a try.