KNX switches and non KNX devices status

Hi Everyone.

Hope someone can help me with this issue.
I have KNX wall switches/buttons. When button is in active mode, a little light is on beside the button.
I can control a Zigbee lamp/bulb with KNX button. No problem.
But sometimes the KNX button and Zigbee bulb gets unsynced. Light is on for the KNX button, butt bulb is off, and vice verse. How to automate this?

Have you an example of how you “linked” the KNX switch and zigbee light at this moment?

How is that status light controlled? Does it use a dedicated GA?

In my setup (almost) everything is controlled by HA, so there’s (almost) no configuration/control/knowledge in KNX. This means that there’s nothing in KNX controlling the feedback leds. They are all exposed as lights to HA.

This means I have a simple blueprint that triggers on the state of a given entity, and translates them to the “feedback led” entity.

  name: "Led feedback"
  domain: automation
      name: "Entity"
      description: "The entity whose state will be reflected on the feedback light"
      default: {}
      name: "Feedback light"
      description: "The light that will represent the state of the entity"
          domain: light
mode: queued
max_exceeded: silent
  entity: !input entity
  - platform: state
    entity_id: !input entity
  - platform: homeassistant
    event: start
  - platform: event
    event_type: automation_reloaded
  - service: "light.turn_{{'on' if is_state(entity, 'on') else 'off'}}"
    entity_id: !input feedback_light_entity

I would remove the light entities for status lights and use expose with the corresponding GAs and ZigBee light entities.

But the question is still: how is that wired in Knx. If there are any additional GAs assigned to the Status lights or the assigned one is also used as control it may be the reason for them to unsync.

Hi Guys,

Sorry. I forgot this thread.

Here is one switch in my YAML file:

name: "Switch 5 kitchen"
  address: "1/2/5"
  state_address: "1/2/5"

I cannot put the light of the switch into a GA. It has no attribute on the switch.

If there is no dedicated state group object to use, you’ll have to use the main (switching) object.
So expose the state of the HA light to 1/2/5, but be careful not to create infinite loops.
If you use knx_event to trigger the HA light you can limit it to direction: Incoming. I’d prefer that over using a switch entity (because the “source of truth” is the state of the HA entity and thus it makes no sense to query the KNX Bus for it - which is what state_address does).


I did a doublecheck. It looks like selecting “From Status feedback object” on “Trigger status led”, an attribute came up named "Status feedback object.

Let me investigate that.