Knx time integration is an invalid option


I’m pretty new to HA and startet to connect it with my existing KNX-installation to realize a visualization.
Mostly anything is now connected, but when I try to readout the actual time from the bus, it shows an error:

Invalid config for [knx]: [time] is an invalid option for [knx]. Check: knx->knx->time. (See /config/configuration.yaml, line 15).

The corresponding code is the following:

  - name: "bus-time"
    address: "0/0/3"
    state_address: "0/0/3"

That’s the same as described in the docs. So I can’t see any reason for that error.

Help is much appreciated :wink:


Not quite, you are missing the first line:

    - name: "Time"
      address: "0/0/2"
      state_address: "0/0/2"


But I have that first line a bit earlier in the config, since there are already many other device types configured (and working without problems).

Is time: indented correctly under knx:?

I guess - since all other types work correctly.
It also doesn’t make a difference if I insert the time-config between e.g. light: and cover:.

As soon as time: is present, it shows that error…
By the way: with date: it’s the same.

Yeah, that config is fine. Open an issue here:


I see the issue. You need to update Home Assistant. You are on version 2023.6.

Time and Date were added in the July release (2023.7)

For knx in 2023.8 (if anyone finds this thread in the future) :wink:
Note that currently the VSCode plugin isn’t updated yet, so if you use this, it will show an error. You can safely ignore that and use HAs config validation in “Developer Tools”

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Updated to 2023.9 and the “problem” is gone.
Couldn’t imagine, that device type has been integrated that recently.

Anyway: Thanks for your quick and effective support :slight_smile:

Note that currently the VSCode plugin isn’t updated yet

thanks, that error ‘Property time is not allowed’ in VSCode got me puzzled