KNX - Use active or passive status objects

I have coupled my KNX lighting (actors) through a KNX/IP bridge. Basic switching works.
Maybe my question is out of place here since it relates to KNX configuration.
However, my question concerns how to configure status information in KNX/ETS such that HA gets the correct status of lights on. Just hoping someone has dealt with this and can share their experience.

In KNX/ETS I have not been using explicit status objects since their was no use for them as the way I programmed it status was sent as the object itself.

However, now with HA, when I restart Home Assistant all ‘lights are visualized as OFF’ in HA regardless of being on or off in reality. Thus, HA is not getting status info from KNX. I have already added state_address to my KNX config in HA, but I’m getting an error ‘KNX bus did not respond in time (2 secs) to GroupValueRead request’. Most probably that relates to not using status objects in the KNX programming.

Furthermore, when I issue a Central OFF group address ‘7/1/0’ that I have on KNX that switches off all the linked lights and their status leds on the switches. But I don’t know how to have HA pick up on that group address and visualize the lights as OFF, so HA leaves the status on ON if that light was on just before Central OFF.

Now I have seen in KNX/ETS that my actuators have both Active and Passive Status Objects and my question is: Which best to use? (And why?)

Already seemed to have cracked it:

In ETS5:

  • Per (switching) channel (Parameters): Set :
  • Per (switching) state object: Set unique group address for status info
    And program to the KNX module, obviously.

In HA knx_light.yaml:

  • #Per light add:
  • state_adress: ‘’
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