KNX website for making KNX groups

Link to a website to make knx group addresses.

It’s made in Norwegian for now. But google translate changes most of it to english.

Put inn youre rooms, ligths, heat, cooling etc. and out you get a csv file you can import to ETS.

What is the use case for this? Isn’t a lot of what this tool does, guess work? I must be missing something :thinking:

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We use it when we design houses and apartments. We sit with the drawing of the house and draw in lights, sockets, sun protection and other functions while we type on the website. When you tick “Electrical installation”, the Norwegian regulations also come about how many sockets you should have per room.

You fill in all the information and a document is made with an overview of the number of dali groups and dali units, number of relays, dimmers, sockets etc.
and one with group address that one imports into ETS.

Info file

ETS import file

I have not found any other good engineering programs for knx that are free. I know of a couple you can pay for. And I know some companies have made advanced excel sheets that do the same. We have tried and made a start on a website that helps you when designing the knx system. This is the first version of the site, so there is a lot of potential for improvement.

If sombody would like to test the new web version for making ETS group adresses and yaml fil for homeassisten.

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