Kogan SmarterHome 5-Stage Air Purifier 3S with H13 Filter

Hi All,

I am just wondering if anyone has had success setting up a Kogan SmarterHome™ 5-Stage Air Purifier 3S with H13 Filter via the Tuya app to HA.
I have set up the app and my lights and switches show but not the Air Purifier. I can see the Air Purifier in my Google home so its synced, just not to HA.

Also if possible to get the fan control and the PM2.5 sensor that would be great to automate it.

Thanks All.

Hi! How did you go connecting/controlling the air purifier from HA?
And did you set it up with the Kogan (Smarter Home) app, or Tuya app?

Not sure if this may help.

I’ve just picked up the exact same model yesterday

So far I have connected to it via Tuya. I didn’t bother using the Kogan Smarthome app as I knew that Kogan are Tuya based anyway.

I have it connected to HA using Tuya local via Tuya IoT Platform. So many low cost product use Tuya or a bage engineered version. It is handy to be familar with it)

I am building up a intergration using at the moment and will post back here once Ive made Tuya Local and will post back here once I’ve.

I just have to work out the DPS switch

I have started a blog of my progress so I might have worked it out, If I have It will be on that blog.