Kwikset Smartcode Lock

Trying to get this lock setup and having little luck. I have done secure include (Highest Security: S0 Legacy) and the device shows up under Devices, but nearly all sensors are showing up Unknown and I am unable to Lock/Unlock via HA.

I am not sure if I need the Z-Wave Plus board in order for this to work.

I have excluded/included/factory reset and nothing seems to work.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Additional information. I am running HA on Raspberry Pi4, Zwavejs2Mqtt

Interesting lines from zwavejs log:
2022-05-23T17:26:20.794Z CNTRLR » [Node 035] Querying securely supported commands (S0)…
2022-05-23T17:26:20.832Z DRIVER » [Node 035] [REQ] [SendDataBridge]
2022-05-23T17:26:20.881Z DRIVER « [Node 035] [REQ] [BridgeApplicationCommand]
2022-05-23T17:26:20.893Z DRIVER » [Node 035] [REQ] [SendDataBridge]
2022-05-23T17:26:22.022Z CNTRLR [Node 035] Timed out while waiting for a response from the node (ZW0201)
2022-05-23T17:26:22.023Z CNTRLR [Node 035] The node was not granted the S0 security class. Continuing intervie
2022-05-23T17:26:22.026Z CNTRLR [Node 035] Interviewing Manufacturer Specific…
2022-05-23T17:26:22.245Z CNTRLR » [Node 035] querying CC versions…
2022-05-23T17:26:22.246Z CNTRLR » [Node 035] querying the CC version for Door Lock…
2022-05-23T17:26:22.266Z DRIVER » [Node 035] [REQ] [SendDataBridge]
2022-05-23T17:26:23.332Z CNTRLR [Node 035] Timed out while waiting for a response from the node (ZW0201)
2022-05-23T17:26:23.333Z CNTRLR [Node 035] CC version query for Door Lock timed out - assuming the node suppor

Several more of the “Timed out” lines appear for various requests

Do you have a way to bring in the Pi closer to the lock and leave it there for a while? the radios on those locks are not the best and the only way i’ve gotten it to work is to bring my zwave stick close to the lock to do the pairing. to be honest, they are a bit touchy and even up close you may need to do the pairing a couple of times before they take. I have 4 of these and i ended up spending a whole day getting them to pair. once they are in, they work flawlessly, just getting them there is a PitA.

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I agree with @sebby on making sure that the lock is close to your controller. Kwikset uses the zwave whisper protocol during the pairing an initial interview process so you need to make sure that the lock and endpoint it’s joining through are as physically close as possible. Ideally no more than 5 feet away and better if they’re just inches apart!

Do I need the keypad side of the lock to be connected during pairing?

you don’t, but… from what i have read in recommendations is that it is better to have the lock be in the final location for pairing vs. bringing the lock to the zwave stick. something about it finding it’s neighbors better if it is in the place where it will live. You could try it and report back…

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With the lock literally within 2 inches, I still can’t get any different result. What is interesting is the lock is a Kwikset 914 and in the documentation that came with it, it says ZWave Plus. In HA it shows up as Kwikset - 910 and no ZWave Plus

Device info


by Kwikset

Firmware: 3.37

Z-Wave Info

Device ID: 35

Device Status: Unknown

Device Ready: No

Highest Security: S0 Legacy

Z-Wave Plus: No

Did you buy this new? That almost sounds like you got a used unit that has some internals from a different lock. It should definitely be identifying itself as the lock model that it is!

I am beginning to think the same thing. This was given to me by a friend. I think he got the lock from his alarm company. I am certain he did not mess with it, but perhaps the alarm company did.

I checked around the internet and I am certain this lock has the ZWave module in it and NOT the plus version.

I’m assuming the additional features (ability to lock/unlock from HA) are not available due to the security being S0 and not S2. I am also assuming I won’t get S2 without ZWave Plus.

Are my assumptions correct?

I’ve got 5 Kwikset locks that are all ZWave Plus S0. And one that is ZWave Plus S2. They all work fine with lock/unlock manage codes. It’s a matter of getting HA to fully interview it.

I don’t, however, have any straight ZWave locks, so I can’t say if that’s the culprit here.

I have two old Kwikset 910 S0 locks, original NOT plus, that work fine with Home Assistant, so they should work. Did you do the close whisper pairing mentioned above? Some have reported physically needing to duct tape the lock to the hub/zstick for initial pairing. In addition, make sure you have S0 security keys setup in zwavejs2mqtt. If the field is blank it won’t pair securely, and then won’t work.

Also, checkout these detailed instructions for pairing. In those instructions, it might seem counterintuitive, but you should do an exclusion to reset the lock first and then do an inclusion, even if the lock isn’t currently showing added.

I would agree with this 99% of the time, however with this lock and the whisper pairing it is one exception to this. You need to either bring the lock to the zstick or the zstick to the lock for initial pairing. Once paired, it will work in its final location, but you will likely need to zwave heal just the lock (NOT the whole zwave network) first for optimal routing once installed on the door.

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Thanks for that info, good to know!

If it was previously paired with an alarm company zwave controller and not excluded correctly the anti-thief flag maybe enabled and why you’re having trouble including it into a new network.

As far as I know there’s no workaround for this because you need the PIN from the original panel to do the exclusion properly.

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This may be the case. I was not aware of such “flag”. Meanwhile, I picked up another Kwikset lock (Smartcode 916) and it worked right away. I did not even have to move the lock close to the radio.

Device info


by Kwikset

Firmware: 4.10

Z-Wave Info

Device ID: 41

Device Status: Alive

Device Ready: Yes

Highest Security: S0 Legacy

Z-Wave Plus: Version 1

I can lock/unlock from HA and I have status of lock, battery and various other things.
If there really is no way to get around the anti-theft flag, then I’ll just keep the new lock and return the original one to my buddy.

Ya it’s a good idea by design, but allows the alarm company to lock your hardware to their gear.
If he still has the panel and service he could get it unlocked.

He provided me a couple of PINs to try. How would I go about unlocking it?

Thanks I didn’t know that. Good reason to not buy one of these used.

It can only be unlocked with the panel that locked it.

Thank you all who have helped! I am going to chalk it up to the anti-theft flag and just keep with the new lock.

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would a factory reset, remove the z-wave configuration ? I have the same and just ordered a z-wave set and was hoping to add it the HA