Latest Dashboard

Finally landed on a dashboard design I feel like I am 95% happy with!

Will share as I go along…


Beautiful! You got a github?


The card with the bedroompicture has dots under it and there is a small portion of the picture on the right of it: how did you do that?

That looks like the horizontal swipe card to me.

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Horizontal swipe card as mentioned above :slight_smile: used to swipe between rooms

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Do you mean Lovelace: Swiper card ?

Yep that’s the one

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Nicely done! could you share your code?

What card did you use inside swiper card?

Looks great @benm7
Are they picture entity cards inside the swiper card ?
What’s the notification bell icon alert you to ?
I’m looking to create a light version of mine I’ve had enough of it being dark.
You using a theme at all ?