Leading zeros on manufacturer ID getting dropped from Z-Wave config file, resulting in unknown devices

I just bought a bunch of Leviton Decora Smart z-wave switches (mostly dimmers, DZ6HD) to replace some old Linears. Great design, highly configurable…however I’m having trouble configuring them because there are no config options listed on the node in the Z-Wave control panel within HA.

Is that because whatever version of Open Z-Wave Hass.io is using doesn’t include the right device profile? I dug around Open Z-Wave, and I see it’s had a device config profile for these dimmers for at least 7 months. How can I get these config values to show in the HA Z-Wave control panel?

They’re showing up like this in my Z-Wave config xml:

<Manufacturer id="1d" name="Leviton">
			<Product type="3201" id="1" name="Unknown: type=3201, id=0001" />

I’ve opened an issue, because I believe these are supposed to be supported but for some reason aren’t being detected properly: https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant/issues/11646

It looks like the leading zeros are getting dropped from the manufacturer ID somewhere. Instead of “001d”, which is Leviton’s ID in Open Z-Wave, my config file has just “1d” for all these devices.