Leaving or Entering Home Zone will not trigger any automation

Hi, I am new to Home Assistant coming from the Wink 2 Hub and I have been struggling to get any automation to trigger based on when I enter or leave my Home Zone. I have searched the community and I have yet to find an answer. I have 3-4 automation and none of them ever trigger when entering or leaving my home. I have included one below:

alias: Open Garage Door when I arrive
description: ''
  - platform: zone
    entity_id: device_tracker.sm_n986u
    zone: zone.home
    event: enter
condition: []
  - device_id: 
    domain: cover
    entity_id: cover.garage_door
    type: open
  - service: notify.mobile_app_sm_n986u
      message: 'Arriving home, Garage Door has been opened'
      title: Garage Door Automation
mode: single

Any assistance that can be provided will be greatly appreciated.


This looks a bit suspicious - I would have expected an actual device ID here (something like “6086…5b7f”).

And does the automation trace tool give you any hints? Is the automation not triggered at all, or is it triggered, but the actions fail to execute?

Hi exxamalte, it does include a device ID I just remove it when I pasted it. When I look at the execution history for the automation it says it never run except for the time that I run it manually. When I look at the logs it is reflecting when I enter and leave the home zone but it never triggers the automation. Thanks

Does your device tracker status change when you enter or leave a zone? You can see it on Developer Tools - State

Have you looked at the trace for the automation? This will let you know if its triggering and if so, where its breaking down

Configuration > Automations > Screenshot from 2021-05-23 15-04-29

Hi Vincenzo,

I looked at the state of the device in Developer tools and this is what I am getting,

I have the HA app on my Android phone with all the correct permissions but its still showing me as away what am I missing. Thanks.

Hi Craig,

When I look at the trace this what I get…


Okay, this may help you later on but as you’ve shown above, your location isn’t changing at present so you need to resolve that first.

Have you set up your home zone… And does the location shown from your note 20 match your home location … 35.927, -84.150?

Hi Craig, Isn’t the home zone automatically setup for you on initial configuration? I do see it setup but don’t have a way to look at the coordinates, I must be missing something…


Depending on the way you set up HA, it probably is set up yes.

If you go to developer tools and look at the state of zone.home you’ll be able to see your home zone

Are the coordinates correct? Is the radius big enough? (Mines 100) do the coordinates match the lat and long of your Note 20?

Hi Craig,

They don’t exactly match but they are pretty close, in addition the device has these additional settings…

gps_accuracy: 11
altitude: 317
course: 0
speed: 0
vertical_accuracy: 3
friendly_name: Note 20 Ultra - Kahlil

The state is still showing as not home.


What is the radius on your home zone?

Its 100, thanks…

If you look on Map, is it showing your home zone and your Note 20?

It is from what I can tell see below… but its still showing me away…


Something is wrong with your home zone. It should show as a orange (possibly theme depending) circle with a House icon in the middle. If you zoom right out on your map, do you are this anywhere else? I’m guessing not?

The strange thing is if I look at the devicetracker for the same device through my Asus router integration it saying the device is at home since its connected to Wifi.

That would make sense if your home zone isn’t set up correctly as its meaning it’s home as connected to a certain device, rather than based on its location.

Look for this on your map


I don’t see this in the map, how can I fix it… It doesnt show the house anywhere in the map. Only when I click on the home zone. I will take a look at the documentation.

You can override any setup of a home zone

Configuration > Zones > Create a new zone called Home.