LEDFx not shown

Hello everybody,

here in this repository I can find ledfx:

But in my installation of hassio docker I cannot find ledfx.

How can I install it?

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How about following the instructions on how to install it?

This is not released. It’s something that is being worked on.


ok, I see.

Oh, this is very exciting! Any news on this add-on as to when we may be able to play with it?

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there is a super manual how to install it but it doesn t work on my installation
LEDfx installation for Home Assistant

has some one installed it successfully?

br Dave

Hi Everyone,

Please add the below repository and have a try :slight_smile:

I’ve installed it but it doesn’t work. I can’t have it synced to the music that is plugged in my windows PC where hassio is installed using a VM container.

My wled Gui shows me that it’s being controlled by this but nothing happens.

Yeah, similar problem here. HomeAssistant OS is up to date, I’m running LedFX (v0.10.5) in Docker on another VM in combination with Mopidy and Snapcast. Everything works fine, exept the Integration show’s no scenes or devices.

anyone got a solution?

This integration doesn’t work. I decided to write my own. LedFx component

Awesome! Thank you! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Everything works except one thing:
your example Lovelace card. I can’t get it to work :sweat_smile:


got it. For anyone else having trouble:

 type: custom:auto-entities
     - device: /LedFX Vittsjö Groß/
         state: unavailable
   type: entities
   method: none