Ledvance, can I control it through google integration with HA?

I have so far only one ledvance wifi light. I’m trying to make it work in HA, with the help of the danish ledvance support, but ledvance has limited the wifi smart+ devices so they are not allowed to use tuya smartlife, which gives some challenges (as far as I know smartlife is needed to get the local id for localtuya).
So I was wondering if it is possible to control a device that is integrated to the google assistant, through HA?

Short answer: no

Long answer: If you search the forum you’ll find a lot of threads on this giving more details, but it’s a Google limitation

Yup, I thought I remembered that as well.
I just have to find somebody that can help with the programming of a ledvance integration somehow, I can get hold of the ledvance development team, so it should be doable.

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