Legacy ESPHome versions add-on

ESPHome is an awesome project and the amount of devices and sensors they support is immense. So every now and then, some incompatibility slips trough and ends up in a new release, breaking one of my devices. And that’s OK. Usually it is fixed fairly quickly, but other times it might take a bit longer.

Using Home Assistant OS, I’m also using the ESPHome Add-on to install and update my devices. If there is an issue with one of my devices it’s quite annoying that my only option to downgrade is to install the firmware again with an older version of ESPHome that I have running on my laptop. If that one was also already updated, it’s even more annoying since I don’t have an easy way back.

That’s why I created a new ESPHome Add-on repository with legacy versions.

The idea is that if you have an issue, you can quickly install the previous version and downgrade that device again with the same easy process as you’re used to using the real ESPHome Add-on. Since these Add-ons can co-exist, it’s even easier.

When a new ESPHome release comes out, the old one will be added to this repository as soon as possible.

I hope it can be useful for the community as well.


Thank you for your effort. This works great.
Is it possible to add older versions to your repository?

I’m looking for an easy way to get my Dallas ds18b20 sensors back to work again.

Sure, which version would you like me to add?

On a side-note, are you sure it’s not a connection issue or something similar? I happen to have two Dallas ds18b20 sensors working fine at the moment, with the latest version.

my approach to this was to add the beta channel of ESPHome (if not even the DEV channel) as an addon.
This would allow me, to update the latest firmware in beta status for testing.

It would allow me to submit bug tickets, if any update does break my current configuration - and in addition to that, I can do test new features, for example the firmware for the ESP32-S3-Box.

Keeping the other, regular ESPHome Addon, would allow me, to update the older version again to my device, undo anything that has been done on the beta channel.
I can then decide, if I update the “production Addon” with the new Firmware or not.

But yes, I can also see the benefit of an “legacy” channel…

I would like to go back to ESPHome 2022.11.1, someone mentioned that this version did not have the Interrupt Lock issue.

I’m currently using 11 sensors in a single string on a Wemos d1 mini, maybe that’s just too much.

I’ve added 2022.11.1 :+1:

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Hi @khenderick,

Thank you for your effort. This unfortunately did not solve the issue that I have with my ds18b20 sensors. I’m glad you’ve made this add-on though. It makes reverse testing a lot easier.

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Thank you so much for your effort. Wish you good future. Thanks again for the add on.

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It was exactly what I was looking for!
Thank you very much!!!
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This is amazing, thank you so much. My device dropped offline when upgrading to a newer firmware and I needed to go back (guess who hadn’t backed up the bin). :slight_smile:

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Your work is much appreciated. I needed to go back after just starting to use ESPHome on my new ESP32 S3 Box 3. After installing the current ESPHome I lost the voice responses. Used 2024.4 to get back to a working version since I did not have a backup.

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