Legacy Nest

I have been playing with this today. Looks promising. Haven’t integrated it into home assistant yet, just playing with the homebridge container/ui. I can’t figure out if this actually uses the legacy nest developer account or not. I followed the instructions to use the dev account but only logged into my nest account.

Also, has anyone figured out how to get the nest hello stream into home assistant. I enabled a nest cam plugin on the homebridge container but can’t see a camera under the accessories.

It doesn’t use the legacy nest developer account (like HA does), it just uses the old nest account (not developer, just the old nest app using the web version). I cannot help for the nest cam, I don’t use it.

Thanks. That makes sense. I really wish someone would take the legacy nest integration and turn it into a custom_component. I really haven’t found anything that compares to the legacy integration.

as I said, unless you can somehow retrieve the authorization, you will not be able to use a nest DEVELOP account anymore with a legacy custom_component (btw, you could easily do it downloading the last legacy only integration from the HA archive and paste it in a sub directory inside the custom_componet directory. I do it with the old fritzbox integration). The nest develop authorization system is gone for good. Using the nest account with the homebridge docker is actually a good solution because you don’t rely on the nest api (working if you have a valid authorization), but you use the nest account, so you don’t need to migrate to the google account.

This sounds interesting. Can you possible explain in more detail how to do this?

I am interested in this as well but have not been able to determine how. I’m still using the Works with Nest integration as it includes Protects.

read here: New AVM Fritz!box Tools problems - #153 by Flop2006

It is for an another integration, but you get the idea how it work.

Thanks, I got here.

I need to determine how to actually download those files and make a manifest now I think. Perhaps the manifest from up one level will work after I rename to Legacy_Nest everywhere. My github skills are showing…lol.

I would suggest starting here as it doesn’t have the deprecation warning.

Also, I use notepad++ but any editor with access to your config folder will work. I just copy and paste the files in their proper places with the correct file names.

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Don’t suppose anyone has gotten a working custom component with the hass GitHub files yet? I took a stab at it and didn’t get too far. I imagine on some level, the stuff related to the new integration would need to be removed.

I followed the guide here and now use Homebridge on my Pi4 running HAOS. It does not use their API but I now have access to the hot water settings that I did not have before.

Right. Homebridge is plan B but it doesn’t get all the entities I currently have. Still hoping someone puts together a custom component that is the same as the integration that is getting deprecated

Which devices / entities do you currently miss in the SDM API? I am looking if I can support this in GitHub - iMicknl/ha-nest-protect: Nest Protect integration for Home Assistant. This will allow you to integrate your smoke, heat, co and occupancy status real-time in HA., since this is using the Nest API that the Nest app / webapp use.

Anything that works there could be supported. I am just not sure what the Legacy Nest API did offer in the past and if that has more features.

but I now have access to the hot water settings

how did you manage it? I don’t have the hot water setting

Not sure where you live but here in the UK the 3rd generation Nest can also control my hot water tank. Using the Homebridge install, that I quoted above, there are 2 switches shown in HA. 1 switch is to turn eco mode on/off and the other turns the hot water on/off. I had to rename theses switches, once I knew what they controlled, as they are just listed as switches once you install the integration via Homebridge.

I am in Italy. I own a 3rd gen too. Mine is connected with opentherm to my boiler. I don’t have the hot water switch, probably because it is an instant hot water, not a storage. I thought you could control the temperature of hot water like I do with the nest app. That switch is kind of useless for me, but thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

did you chose some additional feature options in your config?
I did use the same instructions and installed homebridge & connected it with my Nest 3rd gen [using the nest account, I didn’t moved to google] but still - can’t see my hot water settings. also: I didn’t have to reconnect my app and that’s what was suggested in the videao AFAIR.
similar to @Smanny [but I’m in Poland - also I don’t think that’s the issue, as it probably doesn’t care where you are, it should depend on the installation] I’ve got the opentherm connection, and Nest also controls the hot water [built-in tank]. I can set water temperature and water-heating-boost via Nest app or via web, but the integration doesn’t show that unfortunately - only those o the screen.

oh, and also I’ve noticed that 1) the switch.home_occupied is probably not working [everytime I check, even when house is empty - it is on], 2) I’ve added HomeAway.AsOccupancySensorAndSwitch to the feature options, but still can’t see the sensor :frowning:


Yes mine is a HW storage tank. The temperature of the water is set via a dumb thermostat that is tied around the tank. The Nest just turns the water on/off at set times of the day. With this water switch added to Homekit I can boost it quickly from my phone.

I only used my Nest account login as well. Under Devices & Services, what shows up under the thermostat?

My away switch works perfectly.
Probably the switch for the hot water is because he has a storage.