Legrand API

Hi community

the french manufacturer Legrand bought netatmo.
they propose now some interestingconnected product (zigbee)
they also have an api

i think it will be really intersting if we can had this component in HA

I saw “Celiane with Netatmo” already work with the zigate.
The new product “Dooxie with Netatmo” share the exact same Zigbee composant as Celiane.

Could you describe how to integrate Celiane plug/switch into Home assistant? Any tutorial you have seen?

you have to deal with zigate/conbee/zigbe2mqtt, there is no direct integration.

Ok. I have look and it seems that zigbe2mqtt is more develop than the other one. Celiane seems to be only integrated in zigate. Do you have any advices?

I tried the conbee integration, it’s supported, but because legrand did not follow completely the ZigBee standard, it’s working randomly.
In my case, I didn’t succeed…

It could be interesting to work also on the legrand cloud API connector.

I could try to work on it, but, as I’m not a developer, I really don’t know how to start.

Any recommendation ?
Maybe a similar hassio that I can use add an example ?

I’m testing and I’ll release shortly


anyone manage to progress on this topic ?
I have several Legrand Celiane light switches and I would like to control them with HA.
As anyone managed to ? I am scratching my head but can’t figure out anything yet.

same for me.

i expect a lot from Sdomotica_Automation :grinning:

Hi all,
@Sdomotica_Automation, do you have any news about what you were testing ?

I’ll release in September. Please note that the Lengrand’s API limit the daily requesto to 500.

Do you know on what is based the limitation ? IP ? user-agent ? :stuck_out_tongue:

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It seems that the limitation is based per day and per user :
Legran API topic

@Sdomotica_Automation will your plugin be compatible with Legrand with Netatmo (per exemple Celiane with Netatmo) using a separate gateway or alone with only home-assistant and Legrand API ?

Thanks for the work :slightly_smiling_face:

@Sdomotica_Automation You rock.
Can’t wait to test this.

I’ve recently discovered the new Arteor (HPM/Legrand) with NetAtmo range, and I’m keen to use their zigbee switches and integrate with HA (via zigbee2mqtt and a CC2531 controller).

Does anyone know if this API work will allow that, and will it allow local-only communication? (I saw the comment about 500 API call limit and wasn’t sure if that meant the final build would require cloud access, or perhaps the comment only meant “it slows down development time during testing”.)

Sorry for the newbie questions, this is all a bit new!

@Sdomotica_Automation, are you still working on it ?
Can I help anyhow ?

yes, 2 or 3 weeks for the delivery

I recently discover the new Legrand with Netatmo. I wonder : the Legrand gateway working with Homekit, can not we pass HomeAssistant in Homekit controller and manage the Legrand gateway directly? This solution should work locally and not need to go online.

yes, I use it like that.

Hello all, hello Sdomotica_Automation
Any update about this ?
thx a lot