Lenovo ThinkSmart View ROM/OS Development

Doesn’t ship to Europe :frowning: .

I’ve just ordered yet another set of two!

I’m in the UK and use a freight forwarder - https://www.forward2me.com/

I have five devices that I shipped in three batches this way. Took overall around 2-2 1/2 weeks per shipment. I paid approx. $40 shipping for a single and $64 for two. No other fees, taxes or duties were charged.

So it does double the cost (for a single) but still cheaper than any I’ve found being sold in the UK and the devices are SO worth it.

That’s an option but luckily I found mine at 50€ sold as used, but in reality brand new. Obviously without any warranty…

even the new ones don’t have any manufacturer warranty. Whether you could get a replacement from the Amazon seller… not sure.

So I start with a freshly-restored device from the RSA tool, flash thelk2nd and rootfs images with edl, reboot and… get stuck at recovery on boot. Am I missing something? It looks like those are the only two seps needed in the first post.

@FelixKa any pointers on getting USB OTG set up? I’m still running on the Android 8.1 linked in this thread but I’ve had no luck with:

  1. some powered USB OTG adapters
  2. editing android.hardware.usb.host.xml
  3. and now trying this “pull pin B8 to ground”, which I think I hooked up right using the breakout board you linked (though didn’t get out my multimeter yet).

Random internet searches said to edit this value “/sys/class/power_supply/usb/usb_otg” but I don’t know if that will help. Any advice on getting USB OTG working on the device in general, or postmarketOS is set up so differently than the ROM I’m on?

They are showing as sold out.

Still on Amazon for $40. I don’t expect them to return to Woot, as many people are probably buying multiple units and the end of supply may be visible to the seller.

Woot is owned by Amazon

Yes, I ordered two more from Amazon USA (I’m in Europe) for $80. I use a shipping forwarder so the total will probably closer to $120. Ordering more than two makes me liable for import duty and taxes.