Let Home Assistant respond to 'active' Google Assistant

Hi all,

Let me explain my title-question.

I am able to ask Google Assistant to do something and triggering a script in Home Assistant.
Therefore a routine is set in the Google Home App.

For example, when I say:
“Hey google, what’s the current pool temperature.”
It triggers a script notifying a device with the text “The current pool temperature is {temp.value.setting} degrees”.

This device is hardcoded and always the same.
Is it possible to respond back to Google Assistant so it is answering the device it was asked from?

So when I ask it on my phone, the phone responses.
When I ask it on a Google Nest, the Nest responses.

I guess I have to do this by another approach. Not calling a notify command, but responding to google somehow (json callback?).

Any ideas?

Google don’t expose that to HA, or anything else really.

You need something like Dialogflow for that.

Is there anything on HACS? For Alexa there is an integration called Alexa Media Player, which gives you a sensor last_alexa - sounds like the sort of thing you want.

I’m also struggling with the same problem

i hope someone can help us

This may be a solution:

Been waiting for years, since back in the Tasker and Auto Voice days. Google provide no information at all about which device was activated, which is irritating because they clearly know which device was activated when they list it on the “My Activity” Page.