Level door lock?

Man, that’s disappointing. I’ve seen positive reviews, but no way to hook it into HA may kill that purchase.

Supposedly they are going to release something that allows for Google Assistant and Alexa integration. I assume that will be some sort of bluetooth to wifi bridge. They aren’t providing any timeline or additional information though.

I like the lock a lot. The fact it’s hidden in my current lock hardware is really nice.

But what can you do with it? Manage it thru it’s app on the iPhone I would imagine?

Never buy tech gear on this basis.

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I don’t have an iPhone, but with my Android phone I can lock/unlock (locally), view logs (locally) and share access to other e-mails (unsure if it works remotely, but I assume it does).

Thanks, Mom.

Shouldn’t this work via the homekit controller integration? I think I am going to buy one to try it and if it doesn’t I will return.

@nalipaz homekit_controller does not support BLE yet. I’ve implemented it before but it wasnt stable enough to upstream running dubs-glib inside a thread because you were going from asynchronous to synchronous to asynchronous. So it sounds like this won’t work.

speaking of local, have you tried with your internet uplink disconnected (so pure local access)?

Since it has an Android app, there might be a fair amount of reverse engineering someone could do to.

@nalipaz did you end up purchasing one? If so, did the moment controller integration work? I am thinking of purchasing one, but am ijn Australia where they are not released yet, so would have to jump through a couple of hoops to get one, and if it doesn’t work, won’t be the end of the world, but will be a little disappointed.

I did buy one and was hoping I might be able to use some sort of bridge integration but so far I have found nothing. It doesn’t even connect to WiFi, it is a ble only device. However this is one of the only locks I can get away with using at my apartment since it doesn’t look like I changed anything to my property management. That said I will continue to use and just keep hoping for ble to be integrated into the hass HomeKit integration. It is a really nice lock and very good app despite the 5 other locks I have tried out in the past. Probably the best one I have seen with the least amount of issues.

thanks for the response… i might just wait to see how dev goes, and by that time, they may release the z-wave zigbee versions which i will jump on.


Yeah I was initially excited when I saw this. Elegant solution but then not having Z-Wave kind of killed it for me.

I created a feature request for Level Lock Integration. Please Vote!


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I’ve got a solution that seems to be working (albeit a little fragile) to control the Level Lock from Home Assistant. It’s not the direct integration that we would all want to see, but given the limitation that the lock itself is BLE only, this will do.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Set up a Helper switch that is a boolean toggle. I call this one Lock Proxy
  2. Use HomeKit Bridge to bring that switch on over to your HomeKit instance
  3. Set up automations in the Home app to handle different states. Here’s an example of mine:

They are as follows:

  • When Lock Proxy turns on, door locks
  • When Lock Proxy turns off, door unlocks
  • When door locks, turn on Lock Proxy
  • When door unlocks, turn off Lock Proxy

Obviously this can get to be fragile if somehow the states get out of sync, but it does work as a band-aid.

Hope this helps!

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Hi Matt,

I am not sure if I understand how this works. How do you bring the Level Lock to your HASS?

Oh, I didn’t at all. I’m simply making a fake switch that is then able to be seen in HomeKit, then using HomeKit automations to link the fake switch and the Level Lock.

OIC, I just wonder how quickly can the lock response via Homekit automation? I will give it a try, thanks for the idea.

It would be great if we can have true integration between HASS and Level Lock or all Homekit BLE devices. Unfortunately, I have no technical knowhow to understand why it is so difficult to create a generic BLE controller.

The whole thing takes about 4 seconds round trip, from the time I activate the Proxy Lock until the lock is unlocked. Then probably another 1-2 seconds to receive the notification from Homekit that the event happened.

Here’s a little preview of how it works (this has been sped up to 2x real-time). The screen recording was taken when I was away from the home and on an LTE network.


I thought the same but I saw a video of a guy on youtube cutting a standard bolt in half…They’re all hollow lol.