LG SmartThinq integration for Home Assistant

I’m just getting started with Home Asisstant and it’s really cool :+1:. But after adding some sensors to Home Assistant I was adding other devices in my home to Home Assistant and I was missing LG integration for my vacuum cleaner (LG VR9647PS). I can access it using the SmartThinq app, but it would be cool to access it from Home Assistant.

The only documentation I could find for SmartThinq api is this: http://us.smartthinq.com/images/grid/smartThinQ%203rd%20party%20openAPI.pdf.

But maybe someone allready started with this? Or is also interested in this :grinning:


I am also interested

+1 here - I’m looking at a heat pump which can use SmartThinq. Would be excellent to have integration.

Just bought a washing machine from them, I will see if an integration is possible :slight_smile:


+1 , i have one air conditioner with smartthinq .

Any news on this? Bought a new fridge from LG and was surprised when it had wifi and could be controlled and supervised using an app. Would love to implement this in HASS. LG:s Smart ThinkQ software seems to be open source.

I believe that a API key is required to use their API. I requested a key, explaining i would like to integrate smart thinq into home assistant, but got a reply that said “Thank you for applying for the partnership. However, we are sorry to say that we cannot pursue this partnership due to the differences in our perspectives”
I guess they won’t let anyone into their partner program unless they directly can make profit.
At least I won’t be buying any more LG appliances…

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Is there any update?
I would also be very interested. We have a homebot and it would be extremety avluable to integrate it into HA.

Partnership!? Who needs to partner with LG…?

I won’t be buying LG appliances either unless the communication from LG servers to appliances can be reverse-engineered using a packet sniffer such as tcpflow or tcpdump…

Pardon me for being negative, but all I want is to be able to control my devices locally. I do bet in the fact that Internet is an unreliable infrastructure. We get Internet outages in our rural town in northern Florida (west of Tallahassee and east of Pensacola, FL).

This is the partnership being referenced http://thinq.developer.lge.com/en/discover/partnership/

see that great repo?
Work inegration for washer LG