LG Tv WebOS Remote Control

this is my first project that I share with the home assistant community, I hope you enjoy it.
it’s a remote control custom card for Lg Tv based on WebOS.
my poor knowledge of programming (almost zero) did not allow me to make a more refined product, so if someone wanted to help me in the development I would be very happy.
the remote control consists of 3 custom cards.
one for the remote control, the other two for the popups.



This looks cool. I just got an LG WebOS tv. I might give this a try.

This is awesome, I was planning and had almost started on something but nothing so nice as this. I have a lot channel icons for Norwegian tv channels. Maybe you could get them into your package or something…

as soon as possible a guide on how to make the TV logos and how to insert them in the card

I like this control, I am planning to install it soon. However, I am very interesting for one more project you have, The shutter cover panel card which looks very nice!

Since I am very new to this is there any chance to explain (in another thread) how can we install it in a more step by step way. I have installed the repository, but now I am stack where to put the
this code. I haven’t cot any custom themes yet, just the default of home assistant

  active-background-button-color: '#0080ff'
  deactive-background-button-color: "#f2f0fa"
  button-border-standard: rgba(0, 128, 255, .5)
  state-icon-active-color: "#0080ff"

and if you please tell me this card can be added as a card in an existing tab I already have or it should be in separate tab in its own?

Nice job @madmicio! Thanks for sharing this!
I noticed that the “input” and “smart” buttons are not working (actually, I don’t know what the smart button is supposed to do, since I don’t have it on my LG’s remote).

P.S. maybe the this._cazzo reference is involved :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


this is the testimony of my night curses when what you would like to do you are not able to do it!
I have already removed!
thanks, i can’t stop laughing!


I rest my brain a bit and then I write a little guide on the card.
if you don’t have a theme you can download what you find on my github. soft-ui-theme. already contains that information


Hi and thanks for the nice job.
I installed through HACS, and get this:

Custom element doesn't exist: lg-remote-control.
type: 'custom:lg-remote-control'
  - entity: media_player.living_room_tv

In lovelace resources I copied this:

- type: module
  url: /hacsfiles/LG-WebOS-Remote-Control/lg-remote-control.js

Any hint?
Thanks again!!

please go to settings, dashboards, resources and tell me if the card is in the resource list

I get this error when I click on the “123” button:

But all the required resources seem to be in place (all installed with HACS) and Broswer-mod is installed also

P.s. the Keypad custom repository name is wrong on this page… but I guessed the right one :sweat_smile:

I do not understand. which part of the name is wrong?

your configuration seems to be ok. can you try to configure the card standalone?

The repository should be: madmicio/LG-Keypad

I found the problem!
Apparently, resource URLs are case sensitive.The LG-Keypad installed (and added to Lovelace) with HACS is saved in the lg-keypad folder, while the resource automatically added by HACS points to LG-Keypad. I changed the resource url to lowercase and now it’s working. :partying_face:


Nevermind, I was updating the wrong resources.yaml file.
Everything works…

is it possible to customise the 4 source buttons?

all info in readme

How to add the NOW TV icon?

paying handsomely I could insert it in the next version, which also includes the resize of the card.
joking aside, you can not use different icons than those provided by the home assistant.
disney and dazn have been added to the card because they are widespread apps in different countries.
even nowTv actually is, so maybe in the next version I will try to insert it.

Awesome, how to add it?